It’s definitely your right to have an opinion, I just said I don’t think it’s right to judge someone based on theirs. That’s why I’m not judging you now. I thought you would appreciate a heads up that you were still posting some. I think you may have taken it the wrong way, could’ve been how it was worded. You do you man, You don’t have to justify anything. That’s all.

I think we should finish the topic ‘Trump’ now. You just get upset unnecessarily.

Hey man, while I don’t agree that you should judge someone based on opinions, I noticed the whole Brandi love shit. Idk if you know but you are still posting sets of other girls who have publicly come out as trump supporters. I just thought you might want to know. Also if you’re going to stop posting one girl for it you should do the same to the others.

It’s surely my right to post MY opinion about Trump (I’m tired of justifying myself). Brandi Love was just the first one who I noticed as supporter of Trump,
of course there are several pornstars who

support him too. If I find out more names, I will do the same.