theonlyone999:Busty Latina MILF Ariella Ferrera gives a BBC some…


Busty Latina MILF Ariella Ferrera gives a BBC some sloppy toppy!

Ariella Ferrera gives a good sloppy type of blowjob. Follow @theonlyone999 for more clips and pics.

Pornstar Showdown Priya Rai vs Bridgette B


In our first match up, we had Priya Rai vs Sienna West in order to determine who comes out on top between a hot Indian MILF and a hot Latina MILF, and Priya won on the strength of her ass and her skill. But now Latina MILFs return with a vengeance in the form of Bridgette B, and she’s packing quite a bit more ass and skill than Sienna. So now the rematch of the century begins, between Indian and Latina MILFs. Priya vs Bridgette. 



Priya Rai 10/10


Bridgette B 8/10

This one is a pretty strong win for Priya. Bridgette is beautiful, no doubt about it, and certainly quite a lot prettier than the girls most of us get to fuck, but she does rely a lot on make-up, and isn’t quite at the level as Sienna West was in the last match-up. Priya on the other hand is one of the prettiest pornstars of all time, easily taking this category. 



Priya Rai 9.8/10


Bridgette B 10/10

Now this category is extremely close. Priya’s tits are a work of art. Big round and beautiful. In any other match-up she’d probably win, but not today. Bridgette’s big bazongas are the stuff of legend, and they’re noticeably bigger than Priya’s. Despite what anyone says, size matters, and here size wins by a slim margin. 



Priya Rai 8.5/10


Bridgette B 9/10

It was in this category that Priya’s fine behind thrashed Sienna’s somewhat flat ass. Not this time though. Bridgette’s packing a big ol booty that definitely gives Priya a run for her money. It’s not the most shapely thing, but it sticks out and can take a good spanking. It definitely puts Bridgette just slightly ahead of Priya. 



Priya Rai 9/10


Bridgette B 9.5/10

This is also a tough call between two seasoned professionals. Though Priya definitely has all the energy and motions down, unlike Sienna West, Bridgette has all the skills to move around aggressively while riding cock. And she’s able to get so much more aggressive than Priya does when the occasion calls for it. It’s almost a toss up between these two, except for the fact that Bridgette does anal and DP. Her greater variety of skills gives her just a slight edge over Priya, though not by much. This round goes to Bridgette. 



Priya Rai 9/10


Bridgette B 8.5/10

When it comes to attitude, both of these girls make for tough competition. Priya and Bridgette often have to play seductive MILFS, and both of them have the roles down to an art form. Both of these girls show a genuine love of fucking in every scene and that’s very evident in how they fuck with enthusiasm and joy. At the end of the day though, Priya seems just that little bit happier to what she’s doing than Bridgette, which gives her the slight edge here. 

Final Result

Priya Rai: 46.3


Bridgette B: 45


What’s the value of a pretty face in porn? This may be a good case study. In this match-up Bridgette had the bigger tits, the bigger ass, and was the more aggressive fuck. But Priya’s stunning good looks have rendered those advantages pointless. Perhaps there isn’t a better example of a Latina girl vs an Indian girl. Greater skills and curves vs attitude and superior looks. At the end of the day, however, Priya Rai emerges victorious yet again. This MILF has secured her legacy in the porn industry as one of the all-time greats, and it’s going to take a lot more than just an incredible body to beat her. 



@porndedication once again with another great showdown between these two busty pornstars. Go follow his page for more updates on the hottest pornstars in the industry.

Camgirls Just wanted to ask my followers if they like camgirls. I’ve been trying to find some…


Just wanted to ask my followers if they like camgirls. I’ve been trying to find some new camgirls if any of you guys know any message me, I’ll also post some gifs of some of my favorite camgirls I’ve discovered while surfing the web, thanks. ✌

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